Mobius II car finally released: See photos

The photos of the new Mobius II car model which is made in Kenya have been released.

The new car has improved and interesting features compared to the first installment of the vehicle.

The new model’s features include a power steering, sealed side windows, lockable doors, a higher ground clearance, an improved exterior and interior design. These features were absent in the first model.

Mobius II car

“Designed with local road conditions in mind, the new Mobius II combines the core performance of an off-road car to cover long distances on all roads reliably and comfortably,” says the maker.

It is expected to sell for at least Sh. 1.5 million including VAT.

Mobius II car

This is an increase from the Sh. 1.1 million the first edition of the vehicle cost when it went on sale in 2014.

The first edition of the car was not very well received due to its inferior exterior and interior features. It remains to be seen how the new model will perform in the market.

It also remains to be seen if the government will make an order for purchases under its Buy Kenya, Build Kenya slogan. The vehicle, though, is yet to be officially launched and has taken longer than was expected to hit the market.

Below are the graphic designs for the vehicle:

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