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Money lessons Kenyan artistes can learn from King Kaka

The Kenyan entertainment industry can be a labyrinthine hallway full of smoke and mirrors, especially when it comes to net worth. Bahati may say he has 20 million shillings in his bank account, but how true is that? On the other hand, Nonini might no longer be relevant enough to come to the minds of most Gen Z youngsters when they think of revenue but the man is lowkey out-earning 99% of his celebrity brethren. 


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So let’s say you are a fast-rising artiste, who should you look up to when it comes to making money? Who truly understands how to maneuver through the complicated world of profit and loss, and plays the long game instead of selling out for short money? The answer is simple: King Kaka

Here are money lessons other famous names can learn from Mr. Kennedy Ombima, aka, King Kaka.


Talent isn’t everything

King Kaka isn’t exactly the most talented rapper in Kenya. Khaligraph and Octopizzo would run circles around him if they were ever to engage in a verbal sparring session. If you check his YouTube channel, you will notice that his songs rarely trend. But despite lacking hits, King Kaka’s name has remained big throughout the years. 

So, keep working hard. Always put yourself out there. Make sure your fans (whether few or many) always have something to consume from you. Several hours should never pass without a new post on your Instagram or TikTok, and a month should never pass without a new song.

Be corporate-friendly

Let no one lie to you that you don’t need corporates. Their cheques tend to be fat if they like what you are doing, and such big sums are what you need to move from a rental house to your own house or to buy your dream car.

Throughout his career, King Kaka has worked with brands like Sony, UNICEF, Coca-Cola Africa, Skyward Express, Showmax, Safaricom, and Peptang, among others. Why is this case? He is always corporate-friendly. He is never too explicit in his music and always dresses sharply. Arbantone artists should especially take note of this because there is no way you will keep looking like Kevo Mpenda Mayengs. So, invest in your appearance

Being corporate-friendly also means knowing the right people, especially those who are in charge of advertising agencies. These are the people who will give you endorsement deals without caring if there is someone else more talented than you.

Kenyan rapper King Kaka performs on stage

Be your own boss

Initially, you might be forced to work under someone else’s record label, but as soon as you’ve made decent money and understood the game enough, you should consider becoming your own boss. This means having your own management team and studio, so that you control your schedule, and get all the revenues that are coming in.

Many artistes in the world are poor because they were never in control of their own money, They worked hard only for their income to benefit other people. Don’t be that kind of musician 

Tap into your other talents

The sad thing about music fame is that it never lasts forever. After some time, people will forget about you and move on to the next big thing. It is, therefore, important for you to scan yourself and see which other talents you might possess. 

King Kaka has already done that. He is now investing heavily in film production, and most recently, he held a major launch event for his TV series, Monkey Business. Such are the moves you should always strive to make as an artiste. Do not depend on your music career for everything. The money you get from it will only last for a few years, hence it’s important to have a fall-back plan.

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