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Expensive Residential estates in Kenya.

Expatriates have ranked Nairobi as one of the best cities in Africa due to its serene work environment and not forgetting, its cleanliness. Not to mention the capital city is recognized on the global platform too.

Nairobi, being a major business center for the country, attracts many investors and business people from countries all over the world. The metropolis is surrounded by towns with high-end estates.

In-depth research conducted before this article shows that the outskirts of Nairobi houses some of the most expensive real estates. We shall take a look at the top ten real estates in Kenya.

1. Runda

It is one of Kenya’s renowned expensive residential estates. Arguably the most popular rich folk town in Kenya, when someone tells you they come from Runda you begin to picture flashy cars, huge mansionettes and the lavish lifestyle the person lives. The name Runda is an acronym for Reserved United Nations Development Area.

Judging by the significance of those acronyms, the place guarantees a safe environment. The town is 14.5 km from the city has the best environment from tall trees and green vegetation all around. The infrastructure such as the roads and water systems are well built.

Runda boasts of its proximity to the leading East African mall Two rivers. The great homes and lavish apartments make Runda rank among the best expensive estates in Nairobi. The average price of buying a house in Runda is approximately Ksh. 150 Million. Renting a house in this region costs upwards of Kshs. 200,000 monthly. The house prices vary from area to area, size and selling entities.

2. Gigiri

Gigiri is one of the grand areas in Nairobi County. The area has gained a lot of fame for the security that is accorded to the American Embassy, and the United Nations office among other big offices. So definitely yes, a residential property owned at Gigiri has to be expensive. It is highly controlled by local and international security.

The area, 10.2 km from the city, has one of the highest growing estates not only in Kenya but in Africa. The estate allows genuine dealers and accredited organizations to run developmental operations. Furthermore, it has authentic land registration processes and reliable security.

Sh. 5.5 billion houses at US embassy estate in Nairobi to be ready in May (

The average price of a 5 Bedroom house is 150 Million while a 6 bedroom house may go for as high as 500 million. Renting houses has prices ranging from Kshs. 200,000 to Kshs. 450,000 monthly. Prices differ by house sizes, provisions and locations.

3. Kilimani

It is considered to be among the best-ranking commercial and residential estates around Nairobi. The estate 4km away from the CBD hosts the statehouse and some leading commercial organizations such as Sidian Bank Headquarters, Microsoft, Cisco systems among great international brands. The region has some of the best places to visit with the well-forested Nairobi Arboretum, Yaya center and B Club place. An acre of land costs Kshs. 390 Million.

Purchasing a house along Dennis Pritt road in Killimani costs approximately Ksh. 95 Million. Renting out a house goes as high as Kshs. 130,000 monthly. Price ranges vary with locations, sizes and dealers.

4. Karen

This is one of the most expensive estates in Nairobi, 19km Southwest of Nairobi city. It is home to the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, business leaders, foreign expatriates and the top cream of Kenyan society. It is an area renamed after the business lady and Danish author of ‘Out of Africa’, Karen Blixen, who came to Kenya and settled there planting coffee in the forest.

Karen flew back to Denmark and donated her home currently known as The Karen Blixen Museum. It boasts of many tourist attractions, golf clubs, art centers and animal sanctuaries.

It is one of the safest places to live in thanks to private and government security organizations.  The region is adjacent to Ngong forest thus making the best out of Fresh air. The trees harbor hundreds of species of indigenous birds and provide a calm relaxing breeze.

Buying a house in such a tranquil environment is as costly as Kshs.200 Million while renting a house costs approximately Ksh. 350,000 monthly. Price changes are due to land size, and the size of a variety of houses.

5. Muthaiga

Muthaiga is an old legendary estate 7km Northeast of Nairobi city. It is the home of the former President of the Republic of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki, among international leaders and ambassadors.

The estate is characterized by good outdoor lawns and manicured walkways. It is effectively one of the best places to live in as it has impeccable infrastructure such as great linking roads connecting to the city and different luxurious estates, locally and internationally renowned schools and Gertrudes Children’s hospital.

Purchase of a house will cost up to Ksh. 180 Million while renting out a house approximately on the upside of Ksh. 350,000 per month. Different house sizes, locations, terms and conditions come with different prices.

6. Lavington

Lavington is an estate within the Westlands’ larger administrative area. Its proximity to the city is a boost to what the city offers. The estate was named after colonialist British politician Ralph Lavington. It is a good place to lie in because of the good quality standards and great security systems. It has some of the deluxe schools in the country such as St. Austin’s Academy, Braeside School and Loreto Convent. It also has so many quality shopping centers. According to BuyRentKenya, the purchase of 1 acre will cost roughly Kshs.320 Million while renting an apartment will be at approximately Kshs.150,000 monthly

7. Kitisuru

This is one of the profoundly upcoming estates in Kenya. Its proximity to Westlands makes it a commercial and residential estate. It gloats off its smooth, well-marked roads in comparison to its competing and expensive estates in Nairobi. It has top-notch infrastructure hence taking pride in itself in its upcoming modern residential market.

Places where Kenya’s wealthiest are now buying or building homes (

According to Mitula properties, buying a house will cost an average Ksh. 25 Million with some as low as Kshs. 7 Million. According to business today, the price of villas in the growing estate will approximately cost Kshs. 145 Million. Renting an apartment or a small house goes for around Kshs. 25,000 Monthly

8. Ridgeways

This is an upper-middle-income residential estate near Kiambu road Nairobi city. This estate is approximately 10.9 Kilometres from the city center. It is home to popular Gigiri diplomats, Corporate managers and CEOs, members of parliament and expatriates.

It is well connected by road channels from Thika road, Limuru road, Kiambu road and Westlands. Its position, facilities, security and environment make it a demand for the upper-class society. Ridgeways is home to Aga Khan Hospital, Braeburn College and Ridgeways spring estate.

Water is supplied by the Runda Water and Sewerage Company. Security from Muthaiga police also makes it among the safest places in Nairobi. According to property24, the purchase of a 4 bedroom house costs roughly Ksh. 90 Million. According to BuyRentKenya, renting a house around this ritzy area will require around Kshs. 300,000 per month.

9. Rosslyn

Rosslyn is an estate between Red hill road and Limuru road. It is surrounded by estates like Gigiri, Runda, Kitisuru and Nyari. It curves itself in the middle of these estates hence making it an estate of high-end value. Furthermore, it is just a few kilometers away from the Canadian embassy and United Nations complex thus rooting it for a security win. Homes and apartments in this region have well-done lawns and clean fresh air.

Indisputably, the infrastructure is amazing too. Facilities around the area include Roslyn Rivera Mall, Rosslyn Academy and Rosslyn Studious Hotel. The average cost of renting a 4 bedroom house is Ksh. 300,000 monthly while the price of buying the same house will be in the range of Kshs. 80 Million and Kshs. 180 Million.

10. Kileleshwa

This is an uptown mixture of residential and commercial apartments.  The estate hosts a significant amount of rich and popular folk of the country. The area is one of the best places to live and do business as it is entirely linked to all other places you would want to go to in Nairobi. It has so many apartments with great space. It has easy access to malls, proximity to the arboretum and has estate medical centers.

Some of the best facilities in the area include Tulip restaurant, Kileleshwa Medical Plaza, Kenya High School and Kileleshwa police station. The purchase of an exclusive high-end 5 bedroom will cost as much as Ksh.330 Million while renting a 3 bedroom house is approximately Ksh. 160,000 per month. The price of renting a bedsitter in the region will cost you Kshs. 25,000 per month. House prices differ based on their different sizes, locations and services available.

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