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Mtumishi: I made and wasted millions in my past life of crime

Former Churchill Show comedian Gilbert Barasa alias Mtumishi shocked many when made a confession about his relationship with his mother. Mtumishi, in the confession, said that his relationship was so bad that he wouldn’t mourn if she died.

He narrated how he was kicked out and disowned by his mother. Mtumishi has since asked for therapy. However, this was one of few instances the Mtumishi has offered a glimpse into the hard life he has lived.

In a previous interview, the comedian narrated how he was forced to join a gang in Nairobi from which he made and wasted millions of money.

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Mtumishi narrated how he was recruited into a criminal gang when he dropped out of high school over lack of fees.

Apparently, Mtumishi developed interest in the life of crime after envying a friend who lived in Kawangware. The friend, he said, always had the latest clothes and gadgets.

The friend took him to his bosses who demanded that Mtumishi joins the gang, now that he had become aware of its operations.


“They said that I either had to join the gang or die. I agreed to join. We started carjacking vehicles in Nairobi. We would be given intelligence about certain cars or targets and we would execute the orders,” he said.

Money started flowing. He would in some raids make up to Sh. 2 million, which he would waste on alcohol and women.

“We used to party and travel but kept looking over our shoulders. I used to charter flights to Mombasa and entertain women with the money” he said.


On one occasion, Mtumishi and his gang mistook a target and ended up raiding a vehicle that was full of Directorate of Criminal Investigations officers.

“We attacked with three cars which blocked the vehicle from the front, back and side. The group that was on the side noticed the police and took off leaving very few of us. The police came out and overpowered us. They beat us mercilessly with electric cables and intimidated us with their guns. I thought I was going to die and I said my last prayer,” he said.

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He claimed that they were taken to a police station for interrogation. By sheer miracle, they were never prosecuted.

The officers let them go with a warning that they would shot dead if they crossed paths again. From that moment, Mtumishi decided to quit his life of crime.

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