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Gichuri: I Took a Loan to Start a Goat Business that Makes Me Sh2.7M, These are My Secrets

Muchiri Gichuri is a businessman who runs a successful goat-farming business in Kenya. He imports the herds and sells them locally at a handsome amount.

Narrating his journey in the business, Gichuri revealed he acquired a loan to start the project, a decision he does not regret, given the high returns.

He imports different types of breeds for both meat and milk and sells them locally, making up to Sh 2.7 million a year.

“By selling a goat per week, we make Sh 7,500. For a month, that equals Sh 225,000, and in a year, that adds up to Ksh2.7 million,” he told Kenyans.

According to him, farmers willing to step into the business should select a particular breed depending on the desired outcome.

This calls for research as some breeds may not be tolerant to the local climate as well as pests and diseases. He recommended the Boer breed for meat production.

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The Boer is considered the most productive meat goat in the world. They are prized for their superior characteristics, which include big size, rapid weight gain, carcass quality, hardiness, and docility.

Gichuri noted the animal can gain up to 100kg over a short period of time, adding that it is one of the most sought-after goat breeds in Kenya.

On milk production, the businessman recommended the Saanen breed, as it can give up to 3 or 4 liters a day with an average milk yield of 838 Kg per 264 days of lactation.

“For breed improvement, both breeds (Boer and Saanen) can be crossed with indigenous local breeds for increased productivity and well-adoptability. For reproduction, goats are fast-growing and breeding animals.,’’ added Gichuri.

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According to him, proper maintenance is key in goat farming as it determines their health and output. A well-maintained goat can breed twice a year, producing up to four kids who wean after four months.

The goat pen should always be clean and well-ventilated, as poor ventilation can be detrimental to the animal’s health and performance. Regular deworming and vaccination should be employed to keep off diseases.

The goats should be well fed with highly nutritious feed and clean water. Hay is the primary component of most goat diets and should be available 24/7.

Good quality hay contains essential nutrients such as fiber, proteins, and minerals for healthy growth and development.

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