Thursday, June 8, 2023

Mulamwah: Why I live in Sh. 9,000 bedsitter despite being a millionaire

By Jane Muia

Comedian and radio presenter David Oyando popularly known as Mulamwah, is among the few Kenyans who have remained unshaken by the waves of social media pressures.

Despite being a public figure with a fat income, Mulamwah chooses to live in a bedsitter, unlike his fellow celebrities who live in Multimillion mansions flaunting a flashy lifestyle. In a recent interview with Plug tv, Mulamwah revealed he is trying to spend less on rent as he is building his own mansion in the village.

‘’It’s not like we don’t love living in a nice house; it’s just that we want to build and own that mansion first, then move inside. There is no need to live in a big house when you are alone. Just live where you are comfortable and invest the rest of the money,’’

he said.

Mulamwah has shared photos of him inside his disorganized bedsitter on his social media pages several times. He, however, said he intentionally disorganizes the bedsitter for content creation. He said when acting, one has to be real and so as the environment, so as to capture the attention of the audience through examples that the audience can relate to.

Mulamwah is used to spending less money on rent. Before moving to his bedsitter, he used to stay in a one-bedroom. In his one-bedroom, he used to pay a rent of ksh.9000 per month. He even showed the receipts online. He is more into saving and investing his money.

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Unlike other celebrities, he rarely flaunts an expensive lifestyle online; he is just simple and focused on achieving his set goals. Last year he posted a photo of his mansion that is under construction in his rural home in Kitale, Trans Nzoia county. He revealed the construction of the house till completion will cost him Ksh 10 million. Besides land, Mulamwah has also invested heavily in other sectors. One of his known investments is in the Boda Boda business, where he has managed to create a considerable chain of operators who report to him daily.

“I have 15, but I have ordered two more. I used to hang out with some friends who were unemployed, and I decided to give them boda bodas so we could both help each other. In Kitale, bodaboda earns about Sh300 per day”.

Mulamwah said in an interview with Daniel Ndambuki.

With 15 motorbikes, this translates to around Sh4,500 per day and up to Sh135,000 per month. He also owns a wheat farm in Uasin Gishu county, adding to his income. He also hinted at plans to explore opportunities in other sectors, one of them being the hospitality industry. In a past interview, he disclosed he is worth over KSh 4 million.

Advice to Young Kenyans

Mulamwah advised young Kenyans to live a simple life no matter what their income. Noting that comfort is what matters, he advised young people against flaunting wealth unless it’s for inspiration purposes.

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