Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Mulamwah’s money advice as he buys land, invests in 10th boda boda

Days after showing bundles of money, comedian Mulamwah has bought a plot of land. This came even as the comedian revealed that despite his seemingly celebrity status, he lives in a rental house that costs him Sh. 9,000 per month. “GOD IS GREAT . !! 🙏🙏 today I am going to buying my first ka shamba. Its all possible , no matter what, just believe, pray and put in work .To more wins 💪.Foot on pedal . Youthmen : investment is key . Sherehe baadae . KONKI !!” the funnyman said. Mulamwah is also reported to be in the boda boda sector where he owns over 10 motorbikes.

He acquired his tenth bike in January after losing one unit to thieves. “We lost one , we replace it with a brand new one , new baby no 10 ready for the road . The hustle must continue irregardless . God is always on our side na Pole pole Tu tutafika. The hunt for the lost bike still continues though (KMFD 423Q) , thanks for all your support towards retrieving it , dm if you got any info ntashukuru sana. To my Boda Boda guys across the country let’s all be a symbol of hard work not violence and hooliganism . Let’s change the notion KONKI,” he had said.

On his latest venture, Mulamwah sought to advise the youth by sharing:

“Today I want to Inspire someone; Leo am going to buy my first piece of land from Comdy. We I started hakuna mtu alikuwa anabelieve, watu watakutusi lakini to listen to people just set your mind right and go for it. Don’t listen to what people are saying, don’t compete with anybody, move with you pace. The little money you get; save and invest coz you don’t know when you will get money next… so don’t waste the money, wacha na Raha hasizaidii just invest.”

Mobile loans to cost more than normal loans with new 20% tax

“Likes Huisha, Views huisha na mtu mwingine pia atakuja atesee kukuliko so when you are there invest. Mimi naenda kununua ka shamba kadogo then nirudi Online kutafuta Mabati na Simiti alafu nijenge. So thank you for all who have been supporting…let’s keep hustling as Youths and not depend on government ama Wazee jitume kabisa Itaweza. And those who did not believe, its time you do” said Mulamwah.

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