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Murang’a woman kills her baby to be free to go work in Saudi Arabia

A woman in Murang’a has been arrested for killing her child in order to make time to travel to Saudi Arabia for work.

The woman, who hails from Muruka village in Murang’a, is reported to have killed her baby by poison between November 6 and November 7, 2022.

Apparently, her baby was holding her ambition of travelling to work as a house help in Saudi Arabia.

She was reportedly scheduled to fly to Saudi Arabia on November 16. She asked her husband for permission to travel. Her wish was that he be left behind to take care of the baby.

The husband refused and said she would not travel. According to a police report at Kandara Sub-County, the refusal prompted her to hatch a plot to kill the baby in order to be free to travel.

The police said that the woman is suspected to have bought a packet of yoghurt which she poisoned with pesticide and fed her daughter.

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The baby developed severe vomiting after consuming the yoghurt and died within minutes.

A bottle of half-used pesticide with a smell that matched the foul smell from the yoghurt packet was recovered from the woman’s house.

Kandara sub-county Police Commander Michael Mwaura said that a post-mortem on the baby would be conducted to ascertain the cause of death.

He further said that a few sample of the same yoghurt brand had been collected from the shop the mother purchased. According to Mwaura, this was deliberately aimed at the mother’s possible alibi that she had purchased poisoned yoghurt unsuspectingly.

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