People tend to associate agribusiness with dirt, sweat, hardwork and very little returns, barely enough to see you through another month or so. But that is not the case with Manu, a self-taught, passionate agripreneur, who is  changing the narrative. Investing in pig rearing is worthwhile these days cause of the insatiable demand for its products. With the right attitude and patience, Manu attests that this line of farming is a perfect one for anyone idling around in ushago

In 2013, with only 500 bob, Manu bought a four week old piglet from his neighbour who had a very fertile sow. Back then, people were lazy and just a handful thought  of rearing pigs for income. The first few weeks were tough; with hardly knowledge on how to bring up an omnivorous, what nutritious food to use for weaning the piglet and no google to run to. He started with farm weeds, vegetable stalks and food remnants soaked in water. But a few weeks later, the piglet caught worms and had acute diarrhea.  With the intervention of a in a veterinary doctor, proper nurturing and improved diet, at six months, his piglet had fattened to 60 kg.

The option of selling the mature pig at 6000 to a butcher was tempting, but doing the slaughter and distributing the meat to households was much more profitable. With a kilo trading at 260 shillings then, his 60 kg mature pig generated 15000 free of other miscellaneous expenses. The big market for pork and the super normal profits, motivated him to expand his business and diversify.

Investing in a fertile sow has proved to be more profitable for Manu. A well fed sow will produce at least 10 piglets (litter) from each pregnancy and may have 2 litters each year. With a piglet going for 1500 shillings if he chooses to sell 8, he makes 12000. Rearing the remaining will bring in triple the returns in around six months when he decides to slaughter them both. As at now a kilogram of pork retails at 400 shilling. If he sells he makes 50000.

As at now, Manu owns a retail shop back at home which is fully stocked with her wife running the business. He has also invested in a motorbike that returns 500 shillings per day and a chunky piece of land where he is planning to settle on. He is able to feed his small family and give his young daughter a decent education. His friends treat him with respect and call him Sonko. 500 bob, has given totally changed his life.

With the little you have, there is something out there for you.Invest, let it grow, let it be the your fortified wall in future.

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