Former Citizen TV  business news anchor Terryanne Chebet started out as an actress before working as a news anchor for KBCCNBC Africa and Citizen TV. Terryanne is an avid entrepreneur who doubles up as an adorable mum to two cute daughters.

She wears many business hats. She owns Scarlet Digital, a leading 360-degree communications agency which has tangibly scaled over 20 corporates and is the founder of Keyara Organics, a natural skin and hair care line.

She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Fanaka Television, a new TV station covering business, current affairs, sports and entertainment. Life has been generous to her.
After she was confirmed as the new Fanaka boss, Chebet embarked on an international benchmarking tour to various leading stations including CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa in Johannesburg and her brand is quickly gaining momentum.
Terryanne Chebet, CEO Fanaka TV
Speaking to Women in the digital forum themed digital disruption in the media Industry, Terryanne shared intently about the tech and media,  how the narrative is changing key factor being content and how the digital disruption is such a blessing in disguise.

Content is the king of the jungle.

Media and technology go in hand in hand, and their life depends entirely on content.

Everybody is a content provider,” she said, ” With the right content, you can influence a large audience. Understanding your audience very vital in resonating with them and catching their eyeballs. Your content must be sharable so that you can win the trust of your audience. For instance, it’s easy for you to believe news from BBC than if you hear it from any other sources because they have built their trust in you, by sharing truthful information.”

She pointed out that Citizen TV is a brand that resonates well with people all over Kenya because of its content.

“My house help would still watch Citizen even when I was fired,” she mentioned,” cause Citizen Tv is a legacy media. Its been there over time, and so many households associate with it positively.”

Terryanne Chebet

Collaborate or die.

You are either in the digital space or you are out there suffocating in ignorance. You cannot afford to be locked out in the digital disruption as its really changing the media landscape.

Tech-savvy guys should take advantage of the digital disruption harness its power for their own entrepreneurial benefit. I personally strive to be at per with tech as humanly possible, ” she said.

5 C’s of digital disruption.

She shared insights on how the impactful the digital disruption has been.

The way we connect socially. Digital disruption has totally reduced the distance, allowing us to create deep and lasting relationships with others regardless of timezone and location through “live tweeting” of TV shows, conferences, online chats.

The way we conduct business. How to attract and retain the right talent. How we keep skills and capabilities current while continuing to invest in the right technology to improve productivity and customer experience is totally different.

Disruption creates value. Value is being created in new ways that owe nothing to the structures, processes and expectations of the business world. This new mode of value creation employs networks, builds connections and uses new forms of currency.

The way we engage culturally. This is not limited to “corporate culture” nor to the practice of art but reaches broadly across our institutions, legal and compliance systems and understanding of government.

Disruption constructs our thinking.  Disruption has been shaping our thinking for long, We tend to think long-term with the devices and products we use.

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