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Should I pay Nairobi agent Sh. 850,000 to get me bank statement, Canada visit visa?

A number of Kenyans are looking for agents in Nairobi who can take them to developed countries including US, Canada, and Australia. This is despite the fact that these pursuits often end up in financial loss and emotional torture.

For example, a spot check by Bizna Kenya on the Canadian immigration process as outlined by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reveals that there is no agent in Kenya who is licensed to conduct Canadian immigration business.

The spot check further reveals that in the database on Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants that is open to the public, there are only two Kenyan-Canadian citizens who are licensed to conduct immigration business and representations. These two are Loise Githiga of Milele Immigration Services and Mbula Kalorina of Makland Canadian Immigration Services.

This implies that all Kenyans who apply for any type of Canadian visas including the Canada visit visa, using any Nairobi agent are not only risking to lose their money, but are also risking a rejection for their applications and a five year ban for using compensated representatives who are noy licensed by the IRCC.

Yet one of these unlicensed agents is who a Kenyan seeking to travel to Canada is contemplating using. The Kenyan says that the cost of using the agent will add up to Sh. 850,000. This Kenyan is now asking for advice on whether to proceed and use the agent or not.

Here is the question that this Kenyan wishing to immigrate to Canada using a visit visa posed:

“There is an agent in Nairobi who is asking for Sh. 300,000 deposit to process my application for Canada visit visa. I will then top up another Sh. 550,000 once the visa is issued. The agent says  they will source for a bank statement which I will use since my bank account is not sufficient or active. Is this a good deal?


Here are the responses that a number of Kenyans gave on the question:

You want to use Sh. 850,000 for a visit visa? You need a mental check! With that money plus Sh. 200,000, you will get a work visa for UK easily – Njeri wa JM.

Honestly, you can apply for a visit visa on your own… Before I knew this, I used Sh. 120,000 on an agency. Remember, a visitor visa does not guarantee you a job. It is for visiting only, unless you seek asylum, upon where you will also get work permit and later permanent residence. – Enock Onyambu.

I paid agent Sh. 406,000 for air ticket to Canada; got returned to Nairobi in Ethiopia

That’s a scam with that money, deposit it in your account and come I apply for you. You can use that money as your proof of funds – Daniel Kinyua.

You’re too preoccupied with the visa; that’s not important my friend. First of all, beware of what to expect once you land. Otherwise you will suffer and return to Kenyan in shame – Irene Cheruto.

If you’re considering other alternatives kuja Singapore…the Travel Consultants here are fairly straightforward…they do everything at their own cost then you pay the first installment of the commission when you have your documents and flight tickets at hand. Opportunities are not bad and salaries are flexible enough. – Ombasi Wilson.

Why not just apply for Express Entry on your own and use the other cash to add to the proof of funds? – Lonzie Ngunjiri.

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