Saturday, September 23, 2023

Nairobi County announces 1,000 vacancies for Kenyans with any grade in KCSE

Nairobi County is seeking to recruit 1,000 environmental officers in Governor Sakaja’s commitment to keep Nairobi clean.

The new recruits will join the other 2,500 officers who were assigned duties on Monday during the launch of the Nairobi City County El Nino preparedness report 2023 and the unveiling of Nairobi County casual laborers.

The recruitment targets all Kenyan citizens with a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), whose duties will entail cleaning the city by sweeping, collecting litter, and unclogging drainages.

The recruits will also be involved in solid waste removal, loading and attending to the final disposal site, grass slashing/cutting fence trimming, and tree planting and beautification activities.

To qualify for the job, one will be required to present excellent verbal and written communication skills, outstanding professional competence, and integrity in work performance and results, and one must satisfy the requirement of Chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya.

The recruits will be contacted for two years under Job Group C, earning between Sh 15,900 to Sh 17420 monthly. According to Sakaja, the contracts will be renewed based on individual’s performance.

Judiciary announces over 900 job vacancies; minimum requirement is KCSE C-

The 1,000 staff will also earn a monthly House Allowance of Sh 3750 and a Commuter Allowance of Sh 3000. The deadline for application is September 17, 2023.

Speaking on Monday during the unveiling of Nairobi county casual laborers, Sakaja warned that indiscipline will not be condoned in the County.

The Nairobi boss threatened to sack two employees on their first day at work for disobeying orders.

During the event hosted at Uhuru Park, Ibrahim Auma, County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Green Nairobi (Environment), asked all the recruits to stand up and affirm that they will take responsibility for the cleanliness of Nairobi.

However, the two employees, identified as Ian Maina and Idris Mwilu, disobeyed the order and remained seated, an action that irked the governor.

“On your first day at work, CECM start them on disciplinary. Either that or you do not get your letters. We will not take a lack of discipline. So those two CECM, you will tell me the action you have taken.’’

“And if they will not convince you why they didn’t stand up, they better not start the job. We will get a replacement,’’ Sakaja ordered.

He noted that the job had attracted 65,000 applicants and that finding a replacement would not be hard. Sakaja further said that the County had put in place mechanisms to make sure that no one hides behind the crowd.

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