Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Fines for destruction of property on Nairobi Expressway

On Saturday night, a motorist plying the Nairobi expressway fatally crashed into one of the toll booths at the Mlolongo exit. In the camera footage, the vehicle is seen to have approached the booth at a high speed causing wreckage, with other vehicles lining to exit the Kshs. 73.5 Billion-road being collateral damage.

The driver of the speeding vehicle did not survive the accident. Other casualties including the drivers and toll booth operators sustained serious injuries and were rushed to a nearby hospital. The car wreckage was towed to the Athi-River police station. Since then, the Kenya National Highways Authority has closed the road in preparation for repairs.

New severe fines for motorists violating traffic rules 

With the authority’s fingers looking for someone to blame for the accident, there will be heavy fines for the destruction of the road property. The following is a list of the fines for motorists who damage property on the Nairobi Expressway;

  1. Damage to the cantilever variable information board – Kshs. 8.8 million.
  2. Damage to the ticket issuing machine – Kshs. 1.9 million.
  3. Damage to the vehicle type scanner – Kshs. 2.4 million.
  4. Damage to the toll booth – Between Kshs. 1.32 million and 1.8 million
  5. Damage to the camera in the toll collection plaza – Kshs. 600,000.
  6. Damage to a streetlight – Between Kshs. 143,000 and Kshs. 262,000, depending on the type of light.
  7. Graffiti fine – Kshs. 2,362
  8. Damage to the concrete pavement – Kshs. 6,592
  9. Scratches on the pavement – Kshs. 2,362
  10. Damage to guardrails – Kshs. 45,348
  11. Damage to signboards – Between Kshs. 34,547 to Kshs. 81,120.
  12. Damage to culverts – Kshs. 45,365
  13. Parking fees for vehicles involved in an accident – up to Kshs. 900 depending on the type of the car and hours spent on the highway.
  14. Hoisting fees and towing fees for stalled cars on the highway will be as follows:
  • Class 3 vehicles

(i) Hoisting fee – Kshs. 32,000

(ii) Towing fee – Between Kshs. 4,000 and Kshs. 12,000

  • Class 4 vehicles

(i) Hoisting fee – Kshs. 40,000

(ii) Towing fee – Between Kshs. 6,000 and Kshs. 17,000

  • Class 5 vehicles

(i) Hoisting fee – Kshs. 50,000

(ii) Towing fee – Between Kshs. 10,500 and Kshs. 23,000

  • Class 6 vehicles

(i) Hoisting fee – Between Kshs. 70,000 and Kshs. 140,000

(ii) Towing fee – Between Kshs. 20,000 and Kshs. 40,000

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