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Nairobi’s Newest Oasis; The Pullman Upperhill Hotel promise of Comfort and Luxury

By Natasha Gamalie

Kenya’s tourism and hospitality industry is experiencing a resurgence following the setbacks of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The industry is full of new, fresh ideas and exciting activities, with stakeholders across the board dedicating themselves to crafting exceptional experiences for visitors, both local and international.

This tourism boom has attracted new players to the market, each promising unique experiences for visitors.

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A big name to watch is Pullman Hotel & Resorts, a world renowned premium brand owned by Accor.

“ June, 20th 2024 will see the official launch of Accor’s Pullman Hotel Nairobi Upper Hill,” exclaimed the Hotel’s General Manager, Mr Gerard Moutou.

Gerard Moutou, the hotel’s manager emphasizes that Pullman Nairobi Upperhill Hotel isn’t your typical impersonal hotel.


He exclaims that the hotel brings a sense of local heritage and culture. Local arts adorn the lobby, while the menus and events showcase Kenyan cuisine, beverages and cultural experiences.

Nairobi’s Newest Oasis; The Pullman Upperhill Hotel promise of Comfort and Luxury

Pullman Hotel strives to embody the spirit of its location, fostering a sense of discovery and connection among guests.

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“Our uniqueness is that Pullman is taking art out of the museum. The art at Pullman is an experience that we can take away and keep forever. We have dedicated art corner that will be regularly refreshed to immerse guests in the vibrant local culture, design and photography scenes in the most unexpected of ways,” exclaims Mr Gerard Moutou.

Pullman Hotel & Resorts welcomes guests with the space they need to focus, work and play.

When it comes to sustainability, Gerard Moutou highlights the hotel’s commitment to environmental initiatives and community engagement.

They’re champions of environmental responsibility and actively partner up with the local community.

“We pride ourselves with being organic and obtaining supplies from the local community. All our foods and beverages are outsourced locally, because we believe in supporting and improving the lives of those we work with. We also want our guests to have a feel of this country’s local products,” says Mr Moutou.

Nairobi’s Newest Oasis; The Pullman Upperhill Hotel promise of Comfort and Luxury

Technology is a cornerstone of the Pullman Hotel experience, with a focus on enhancing guest comfort and convenience.

According to Gerad Moutou, the hotel priorities staying at the forefront of technological advancements. This commitment is evident throughout the property from the lobby to guest rooms and conference spaces.

Pullman Nairobi Upper Hill’s status as the first Kenyan location to offer WOJO Workspitality exemplifies their emphasis on technology as a tool for guest comfort.


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