Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Naivas vs Carrefour: Basic household items price comparison

Naivas vs Carrefour: If you are looking to shop and get discounts on basic household items, which between these two retailers will give you the best bargains?

The answer to this question lies in the current prices. A survey that was conducted by a local daily shows that the below twelve basic items are selling as follows in the month of May in the two supermarkets in Nairobi:

               Lowest Prices Check for the Month of May
Items Naivas Carrefour
2kg Maize Flour Sh. 121 Sh. 135
2kg Wheat Flour Sh. 173 Sh. 166
1kg Sugar Sh. 120 Sh. 128
500ml Packet of Milk Sh. 51 Sh. 57
1 litre of Cooking Oil Sh. 368 Sh. 381
1kg of Rice Sh. 185 Sh. 174
400g Bread Sh. 52 Sh. 54
1kg of Tomatoes Sh. 99 Sh. 85
1kg of Onions Sh. 99 Sh. 125
1kg of Potatoes (White) Sh. 75 Sh. 69
1kg of salt Sh. 32 Sh. 30
Total Sh. 1,225 Sh. 1,404


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