Thursday, September 28, 2023

Chief, Sacco to pay Nakuru tailor Sh. 3mn for beating, auctioning him over 10k loan

A Nakuru tailor will be smiling all the way to the bank after the High Court ordered that he be compensated with a Sh. 3 million lump sum.

Joel Kamau will receive the hefty pay after winning a court case against retired Kiamaina assistant chief Samuel Njoroge, Ebony Sacco and its director David Njuguna.

He had sued these people for seizing and auctioning his work tools over an unpaid loan that he did not know anything about 22 years ago. The three will now have to pay him Sh. 1,095,564 each as compensation.

The tools that were seized included a sewing machine, materials and clothes belonging to customers.

Court documents showed that Njoroge had presided over the illegal auction of Kamau’s property in year 2000. Together with the other accused three, Njoroge had accusing Kamau of defaulting on a Sh. 10,000 loan he allegedly secured from the Ebony Sacco.

Kamau was arrested and frog marched to the chief’s office where he was whipped for refusing to repay the loan on time.

“By the orders of this court issued on April 26, 2013, it is hereby ordered and decreed that the defendants David Njuguna and Ebony Sacco Company do pay the plaintiff a total sum of Sh. 1,095,564,” read the decree issued on July 25.

Uhuru’s shilling: Sh. 1,000 note in July 2013 is today worth Sh. 548

Apparently, Kamau had first lodged an assault complaint with the police, but the case collapsed due to lack of evidence. He then filed a civil case in the court, seeking compensation for his auctioned property and loss of income.


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