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NCPB to buy 90Kg bag of maize at Sh4,000 from farmers

The National Cereal and Produce Board (NCPB) has opened its stores for the purchase of local maize from farmers as the harvesting season in the North Rift region peaks.

The country’s grain reserve, however, maintained that it would only purchase maize from farmers registered with the Ministry of Agriculture.

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In addition, only maize fit for consumption and which meets the required dry level by the East African quality standards would be accepted.

NCPB Corporate Affairs Manager Titus Maiyo said that the board will procure maize at Sh4,000 per 90 kg bag, with farmers expected to receive payment upon delivery.


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“NCPB has opened its stores to purchase maize from only registered Kenyan farmers at Ksh. 4 000 per 90kg bag. The maize being purchased is for human consumption and must, therefore, strictly meet all the required quality parameters,’’ Maiyo stated.

Farmers were advised to deliver maize with a moisture content of below 18 percent to silos that have drying facilities.


Maiyo noted that drying services are subsidized, and farmers can pay Sh70 for a 90 kg bag to have grains dried to 13.5 percent moisture content.

In the North Rift region, driers are available in silos in Kitale, Mois Bridge and Eldoret. Stakeholders are optimistic that the latest development will help stabilize maize prices that had dropped to as low as Sh3,400 in parts of the North Rift.

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