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Netherlands buyer looking for avocado suppliers from Kenya, Africa

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A Netherlands buyer is looking for African fresh avocado exporters interested in exporting to the Netherlands.

In a post on her LinkedIn account, Nicole Barlow said that the buyer wants 20,000 kg of fresh avocado delivered to Rotterdam, Netherlands.

”We’ve got a ready buyer on Tridge Social Marketplace based in the Netherlands eagerly seeking shipments of fresh avocados.’’  Said Nicole.

”If you’re interested in connecting with a verified buyer and expanding your avocado export business on a global scale please book a call with me to discuss:’’ She added.

The Netherlands is one of the top buyers of Kenyan avocados, which earned farmers over Ksh15 billion in the 11 months ending November 2023.

Rare crop presents more opportunities as Kenyan firm seeks to hire more farmers

A report by the Kenya Exports Branding Agency revealed that six countries were the major destinations for Kenyan avocados, with the Netherlands being the main trade partner. Exports to the European country were estimated to be worth Ksh5.9 billion.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) came in second with the exports during the period under review raking in an estimated at Ksh2.6 billion.

France and Spain followed as the third and fourth leading destinations at Ksh2.05 billion and Ksh1.9 billion, respectively.

“The demand for avocados remains steadfast, ensuring a secure market for the foreseeable future. Kenya is a significant player in avocado production, as evidenced by its top markets in terms of value from January to November 2023,” reads the report in part.

Overall, Kenya is reported to have earned Ksh20 billion from avocado exports in 2023, an increase of over 30 per cent from the 2022 earnings. The country is the leading exporter of avocado in Africa and sixth in the world.

The Hass variety is the most sought-after in the export markets owing to its long shelf life and taste. Locally, the fruit is widely produced in Muranga, Kisii, Nakuru and Nandi counties.

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