Thursday, September 28, 2023

Why the new LG OLED TV is a must-have. See its breathtaking features

With so many TVs in the market, it is sometimes difficult to choose which TV suits you. However, when shopping for a big-ticket item like a TV many people not only consider their budget, but also the features, size and brand of the television.

Brand matters a lot when it comes to purchasing TVs. This is because some television brands do not have the same features as others.

This post focuses on one brand that has for years been pushing to transform how its customers experience their favorite movies and TV shows.

That brand is none other than LG which introduced the world’s largest OLED TV – the new 97-inch wireless model –this year.

OLED, or Organic Light Emitting Diode, is a technology that utilizes organic compounds to create light when an electric current is applied giving viewers a fantastic viewing experience.

So what really distinguishes OLED TV from other TV technologies? Well, OLED technology provides accurate black levels and infinite contrast ratios, producing vibrant colors and excellent picture quality.

Unlike traditional LED TVs that require a backlight to illuminate pixels, OLED TVs use self-emissive pixels that can individually turn on and off ensuring you get what you watch as you need it.

LG OLED TVs bag prestigious global awards for innovation, value

Interestingly, OLED displays have wide viewing angles meaning you can watch your favorite movie or game from any corner of your house.

What is more, LG OLED panels are fragile and flexible, allowing manufacturers to create TVs with sleek and modern designs. LG OLED TVs are renowned for their elegant appearance, making them a centrepiece in any room.

The TVs comes with multiple features to enhance viewing experience. With an internet and an army of apps, viewers can enjoy their favorite shows, stream movies, listen to music, check the weather, and even ask fun trivia questions.

They have a fast response time and a and top-notch refresh rates bringing your favorite show as soon as you need it. The HDMI 2.1 ports are like a VIP entrance to gaming heaven, ensuring you get the best graphics and smoothest gameplay possible!

LG has invested heavily in this technology evolving into a mainstay of the premium TV market in just 10 years.

While OLED TVs are premium products, LG a range of models to fit different budgets. They also have more affordable options that still deliver that stunning OLED magic.

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