Friday, December 1, 2023

Communications Authority of Kenya announces new local phone call rates

The Kenyan government, through the Communications Authority of Kenya, has announced that phone call rates will be reduced.

In a Press release statement dated 17th November, CAK highlighted that consumers would enjoy lower call rates for calls originating and terminated in Kenya.

As per the recent review by the government-owned ICT regulator, call prices have decreased from Sh. 0.58 per minute to Sh. 0.41 per minute.

This implies that all mobile service providers are now limited to charging the newly announced rate as the maximum charge for minute calls. The state-owned corporation clarified that the decision was influenced by the current economic situation in the country.

“This new rate is informed by the prevailing economic environment, ICT market dynamics and the need to strike a balance between the promotion of investment and the protection of consumers,” the statement read in part.

CAK stated that the move would bring positive outcomes for both consumers and mobile service providers.

They explained that consumers would now have access to a variety of affordable services across networks. Furthermore, they will be better positioned to develop affordable products.

The new fee rates announced will take effect starting 1st March 2024. However, SMS rates will remain unchanged at Sh. 0.05 per SMS.

“Ahead of the new rates taking effect, all operators are required to vary their Interconnection Agreements in line with the Determination and file their Deeds of Variation with the Authority latest February 1,  2024,” CAK maintained.

It is expected that various telecommunication companies will comply with the set threshold and soon announce their new phone call rates. With the maximum rate capped at Sh. 0.41 per minute, companies may choose to charge less for local phone calls.

Communications Authority of Kenya announces new local phone call rates

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