Nissan X-Trail vs Toyota Harrier

Nissan X-trail

Nissan X-trail is a vehicle with a V box-shaped, 2.0 liter engine with optional 148 or 170 BHP engine. Your ride will surely be a pleasant with the adjustable air conditioning vent in the rear portion and a superior suspension system. Though you may experience some vibration from the engine, road and suspension noises can rarely reach the cabin.

Toyota Harrier

Toyota Harrier is a 5 – passenger, well-designed car. It comes with 2.0 liter engine together with 149 BHP, and CTV-I to provide a smooth ride. The displacement of the engine is also designed to ensure that there is no road and wind noises when driving.

nissan xtrail


The maximum allowable weight for the Harrier is 2700kg while that for the X-trail is 2170kg.

The X-trail on the other hand has a maximum trunk space of 1773 litres which is 11% more than that in the Harrier. The towing weight, with brakes, for the X-trail is also 9% more. X-trail has 20% more roof load capacity too.

Engine Transmission and Performance

First of all, the compression levels for he X-trail is 15.5 while Harrier has 12.5. The 20% more compression points out that less fuel is needed to power the car. Also, the piston diameter of the X-trail is 84mm, smaller than the 94mm of the Toyota Harrier. This means that the X-trail needs less filling; and since the piston strokes for the X-trail are also longer, it is more fuel efficient.

For the engines, the Toyota Harrier’s engine power is 183kw, a lot more than the 127kw of the X-trail. This means that the Harrier has more power. Its additional 2 cylinders assists the engine to run smooth and with less vibration.

When it comes to speed up, Harrier only takes 7.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, which is 2.1 seconds faster than the 10 seconds of the X-trail.

nissan x-trail vs toyota harrier
Nissan x-trail vs Toyota harrier

Fuel consumption

As proven earlier, the X-trail has more fuel efficiency than the Harrier. In the city, it can make up to 41% less fuel consumption and for the highway it is 5% less compared to the Harrier.

Now let’s summarize the showdown of Nissan X-trail Vs Toyota Harrier. Given these points; if you would like a strong, fast car, go for Toyota Harrier. On the other hand, if you would prefer fuel consumption and more capacity, go for Nissan X-trail. Otherwise, these both giants are considerably equally well performing on many other accounts.

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