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Kenyan man who sacrificed university slot to educate his sister finally gets his degree

In a story attesting to his valour and resilience, 27-year-old Nyainda Manasse has finally bagged a degree in communication from Kenyatta University.

The journey to this remarkable feat was filled with challenges, having joined the campus in 2015 and graduating 8 years later. Now, Manasse has triumphed and added another feather to his cap.

His story is not just about overcoming difficulties to achieve personal victory but also a narrative of sacrifice. Nyainda Manasse enrolled on campus, ahead of his sister, to pursue a degree in public policy and administration.

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Due to financial constraints, he chose to prioritize her education and consequently dropped out of campus. Manasse, mindful of the challenges uneducated women face in the 21st century, opted to pursue other ventures such as thoughtful writing.

“Faced with this dilemma, I chose to pave the way for her because deep down, I understood how cruel the world could be to an uneducated woman,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Nyainda eventually found his way back to the classroom at St. Paul’s University. He pursued a diploma in public relations and graduated in 2021.


“Finally, the dark alleys led me back to St. Paul’s University, where I first graduated in 2021 with a Diploma in Public Relations and, once again, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication.”

Manasse takes pride in his decision and also his siblings’ academic and professional achievements, despite graduating four years later than most of his peers.

He acknowledged the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the KANU political party who supported him in his diploma and undergraduate studies, with scholarships and stipends.


He started working for KANU in 2018 as a Communications Assistant. The party appreciated his innate talents in thinking, writing and expressing himself creatively.

He worked in that position up until June 2023 when Gideon Moi, party leader of KANU, appointed him as Director of Communications.

“Today, at 27, I am the youngest Director of Communications, a political party in Kenya, holder of a Degree in Communication and a Diploma in Public Relations, and the Co-Founder of Native Ideas,” he added.

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