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Sudi: I How I was conned Sh. 11 million because of greed

Kapsaret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi recently opened up about how he was defrauded of 11 million in a quick money-making con scheme.

In an interview with Dr. King’ori on NTV published on Tuesday, May 30, the lawmaker said the unfortunate event occurred after quitting the matatu business for farming. His wheat farm in Narok County yielded handsomely, earning him Sh. 11 million.

Unfortunately, he lost all the money in a fraudulent scheme which he says he did not delve deeper into. He, however, blamed the incident on greed.

“After I had upgraded and stopped the pool table venture, sold my matatu because I was it was a fake business and then ventured into land brokering. After that, I went to Narok, where I started farming Wheat. I raised Sh. 11 million, but I was conned all that money,” he said.

“I don’t blame those who conned me; I blame myself because of greed,” added Sudi.

Following the loss, he advised young people to be patient when building wealth, as stars will align at the perfect time. He noted that many young people had sunk into cyber bullying at the expense of creating networks relevant to building wealth.

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He narrated how he ventured into entrepreneurship at a tender age. Sudi said he started his first business while in primary school, selling fruits and snacks to his peers.

“I started working after hitting 15 years old. That does not imply that I did not go to school. That was because of poverty, and we were squatters. I started my first business venture while in Primary School.’’

“I used to sell fruits during break time. During lunch breaks, I used to buy scones and sweets from my friend at Moi University and sell them to students,” Sudi narrated.

During weekends, he would sell charcoals to customers in his neighborhood. The charcoal business helped him raise enough money, which he invested in farming.

After one successful farming season, he would make Sh. 100,000 which helped him to diversify his investments. He started a pool table business which he says earned him between Sh. 1,200 to Sh. 2,000 a day.

“My first time coming to Nairobi, I noticed people playing pool table. I got interested in how people were making money. One person told me I could buy a pool table in Kariobangi. I bought 24 pool tables. I could make between Sh. 1,200 to Sh. 2,000 a day,” he added.

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