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I lost my daughter last year in Kiambu accident, now her sister is dead from KU crash

Losing a loved one is always deeply painful, and the recent tragedy involving the KU bus crash at Maungu on March 18th has left families and friends devastated.

Among those who tragically lost their lives was Oslo Mwendwa, a 3rd year student at Kenyatta University.

On March 24th, the institution organized a memorial service to honour the lives of the 11 students who were lost in the tragic accident. The service was an opportunity for the university community, alongside family and friends, to come together in mourning and remembrance.

During the memorial service, attended by notable figures including H.E Mama Rachel Ruto, Oslo’s father had the opportunity to eulogize his daughter, sharing memories and paying tribute to her life.

With a heart heavy with sorrow and a face bearing the weight of anguish, the emotional father approached the podium to pay tribute to his daughter. He revealed to the congregants that he lost another daughter a little over last year through a road accident along Kiambu road.

“One year ago, one month, probably a few hours, I stood before a congregation like this one at Ridgeways Baptist Church, Kiambu Road, to mourn the passing of my daughter, Michelle, through a tragic road accident on Kiambu Road,” he said.

In the turmoil of that difficult period, the heartbroken father confided that his only solace rested upon Oslo Mwendwa, following the tragic loss of his other daughter.

“On that day, Oslo stood beside me as the only beacon of hope. Today, the brother stands beside me as we pay tribute to Oslo,” the mourning father added.

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Still reeling from the shock, the father said that the entire family is struggling to come to terms with the reality that their beloved daughter, who was always full of life, is no longer with them.

“Our hearts are full of pain and grief as we try to come to terms with your sudden death, Oslo. It’s really hard to accept that your life journey on earth has ended. To think we’ll never talk with you again, that we’ll not have our day-to-day conversations, is too much.”

“What are we to do now? We’re completely shattered. You’ve left away way too soon. You still had so much more to do,” he grieved.

She was eulogized as a gentle 21-year-old who radiated positivity and always sought to make an impact on those who came across her. She fiercely stood for her beliefs and never backed down from a challenge or hesitated to speak her truth.

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