Thursday, November 30, 2023

Photos: Net finally removed from landmark OTC building after years under construction

The OTC building has been a landmark for people visiting Nairobi for nearly a decade. Many Kenyans used the green netted building as a means to find their bearings.

Earlier this year, misleading information showed a similar-looking building to the OTC in Nairobi. The misleading building was from Uganda.

However, Kenyans in their usual fashion, started questioning why the OTC building has been under construction for nearly 10 years.

The building, owned by Tycoon and businessman Victor Maina Ngunjiri, has been under construction since 2013 when it was demolished brick by brick. Maina splashed Sh. 72 million to buy the building in 2006.

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Not any more. The green net was removed and the Overseas Transport Company (OTC) building in Nairobi has a new look.

In a video that has sparked mixed reactions among Netizens, Kenyans debated over the removal of the famous dusty green net in OTC.

The video starts with a striking yet obvious cue, “Watu watapotea Nairobi”. This refers to Kenyans who will be visiting the city for the first time.

The newly unveiled building is painted cream with shades of brown colour. Some parts of it are in white. It has over 8 floors.

As the renovation of the building, which had been ongoing for years, came to an end, many Kenyans expressed their thoughts on how it would affect their navigation of the CBD.

While some were optimistic about the completion of the building, others were concerned about how the changes would impact them.


Here are photos showing OTC’s redesigned look:

 Photos: Net finally removed from landmark OTC building after years under construction

Sections of Kenyans wondered how students who are breaking from mid-term would navigate in Nairobi following the net’s removal.


 Photos: Net finally removed from landmark OTC building after years under construction

“Now that students are almost coming back home from half term, I hope they will not get lost and think that they are in another country,” read one comment.

“I am from Mombasa and when I come to Nairobi, I always knew that I arrived in the city after seeing the green net. Now that it has been removed, I will have to wait till the vehicle reaches the stage,” another mentioned.


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