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Pacis insurance invests Kshs 50 million in digitalization, eyes customer growth

Pacis Insurance, the faith-based underwriter, has set its lens on an expanded customer base that is digitally connected with a new fully integrated online portal. It is a tailor-made system that the firm has put in place as part of its Kshs 50 million digital transformation program, allowing it to leap frog technological adoption to a point where customers have the liberty to list their preferred intermediary.

The novel facility is the first of its nature in Kenya, designed and built to be fully connected with preferred customer payment systems while at the same time configured to deliver a holistic insurance experience.

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Speaking during the monthly brokers’ breakfast event organized by the Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya (AIBK), Pacis Managing Director Jean Moegi announced that the new customer portal had successfully been implemented in line with the company’s mission to be digitally driven.

“Innovation and collaboration are at the core of our business and this portal was developed in response to customer demand and detailed consultations with our various stakeholders, which reflected the need to meet them digitally at their various moments of need,” said Mrs. Moegi.

On the new facility, she explained that customers can generate a quotation for their preferred insurance product and receive it on email, pay for it using any payment method, lodge and track a claim until it is settled.

Noting that convenience and efficiency were the hallmarks of the current Kenyan insurance customer, Ms. Moegi explained that the system is also integrated with that of the Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) which has a database of insured motor vehicles and their respective underwriters to avoid double insurance and prevent fraud.

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The new portal is also a response to the rising demand for insurance products from Kenyans in the diaspora.

“We have developed this system to facilitate our customers in other parts of the world to procure insurance for their loved ones and assets in Kenya,” she said.

She pointed out that the insurance landscape is evolving both locally and globally and that customers will progressively seek innovation-driven solutions, placing pressure on underwriters to design products, processes and distribution channels that meet them at their various moments of need.

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