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Friday, September 25, 2020

KRA takes over collection of parking fees in Nairobi from today

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Parking Fees in Nairobi: The Kenya Revenue Authority will from today takeover the collection of parking fees and other county levies in Nairobi County. This comes weeks after the Nairobi County handed over its responsibilities to the national government.

The KRA will be responsible for the collection of the levies and taxes paid to the county government of Nairobi for a two year period that will end on March 16 2022.

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The Nairobi County has failed to hit revenue targets as tax loopholes and theft of public funds dominate the county. The highest collection by the county was achieved in the 2014/15 financial year when Sh. 11.7 billion was collected.

In late February, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko surrendered key county functions to the national government in what was considered the least disruptive of the options available to address the leadership crisis at City Hall.

With the governor facing graft charges, barred by the courts from accessing his office and without a substantive deputy, high-level talks convened to resolve the leadership crisis ruled out the drastic action of suspending the county.

This was considered not viable because of the laborious procedure — investigation by an independent commission of inquiry, approval by the President and Senate authorization- as well as cost implications as it would lead to an election.

There were no funds to conduct the election and also the number of people who were going to lose their jobs including Members of County Assembly due to that decision worked against it.

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