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Patricia Murugami: This is how I built my successful business and career

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Dr. Patricia Murugami is the founder and chief executive officer of Breakthrough Leadership Transformation, which is a leadership advisory consulting company that focuses on strengthening leadership development at board and senior management level.

After 10 years in leadership in the corporate world, Dr. Patricia Murugami jumped into the world of entrepreneurship and started her own leadership advisory firm. Over the time that she has been in this line of business, Dr. Murugami has enabled over 35,000 business leaders across the globe to unlock their potential through my leadership advisory ranks highest in my milestones. “Currently, my aim is to bridge the gap between personal and business purpose by offering executive coaching  that recreates a more human and humane brands,” she says.

Rising to where she is currently was however, not an easy journey. “I never intended to only build a career. I aimed at solving problems I saw in myself and others, and as the solutions emerged and enabled others to grow, so did my business. I strongly believe businesses won’t work if we start them to only make money. The aim should be to solve current and future problems by delivering workable solutions that are connected to values. The money will then follow,” she says.

Having been in business and employment, Patricia says that she has come to appreciate the importance of both. “Each has its rightful place. Employment takes you through the process, structure, strategy and world class training. I began my career working for some global and local brands. I learned the value of the spirit of service, long hours, perseverance, diligence, excellence and attention to detail. These have continued to serve me and others very well. One of the major things I learned in employment is to be an intrapreneur way before becoming an entrepreneur,” she says.

Currently, her business is geared towards helping people live their best and be their best. She has been instrumental in coaching and mentoring women across all ages and helping them break their barriers to achieve their goals especially encouraging them to secure their positions in leadership and boardroom levels.

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Patricia has been using several platforms – YouTube, Telegram and a podcast, to coach, mentor and give snippets of wisdom to women on how to live their best, be their best and live a life of purpose.

Last year, she was forced to challenge herself and break her own barriers when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country. Her much-awaited conference was cancelled the day before its date after the first case of coronavirus was announced in the country.  After taking time to adjust to the new normal, she knew it was time to identify and leverage on the opportunities that came with the pandemic.

“I was hit with shock and denial. But as the reality that pandemic was hear for the long run, I decided to challenge myself. After all, I have always taught and challenged people to disrupt themselves, to reinvent themselves, and to go beyond,” she said. She launched a podcast which she has been using to tell stories of women entrepreneurs under the Safaricom’s Women in Business program. In addition. Dr. Murugami has been working with the Safaricom Women in Business team by helping them be their best selves giving them a platform to tell their story on her podcast.

Patricia shares that subordinating yourself to be accountable, and investing in character and in your family are the main ingredients to achieving personal success. “The secret is never arriving at “it” but appreciating that the journey is the destination. Once you achieve something, you will always be at the bottom of the next rank. Knowing that life is made up of a series of new beginnings after each achievement is critical. Always keep learning and keep a growth mindset that is ready to unlearn, relearn and learn new things from different sources,” she says.


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