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Paul Muhami: I should have started business and investments earlier

Paul Muhami: Entrepreneur, trained small business Mentor and a member of the Professional Business Mentors Association (PBMA)

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Entrepreneurship is a tough journey, and every small business owner has to face the tough reality of the venture to succeed or fail.

When companies are successful and business empires are grown, the entrepreneurs behind the success are often praised but very few people tend to think about the sacrifices the entrepreneurs made to see their businesses succeed.

For many, it’s patience, determination, taking risks, perseverance, being bold, and trying things that seem impossible to others.

These are some of the top attributes that define Paul Muhami’s Journey in entrepreneurship. The father of two is a seasoned entrepreneur and business coach with over ten years of corporate experience in sales, marketing, and business development.

According to him, he ventured into entrepreneurship after losing his 10-year job in 2007 during a restructuring exercise.

Better die than poverty, Muhami decided to try his hand at entrepreneurship after years of serving in the manufacturing and financial services sectors.

He founded his own company, Empower Advisory Services Limited, a firm that offers capacity business services to entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Empower Advisory Services Limited was established to address the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, including lack of training and mentorship.

Through business coaching, mentorship, and trade events, the firm exposes clients to business development best practices to help them face the marketplace with confidence. Paul is a trained and certified small business mentor and a member of the Professional Business Mentors Association (PBMA).

”At Empower Advisory, we offer coaching and mentorship services. We coach in sales and marketing, strategy formulation, and operational efficiency as we as financial management.’’ Says Muhami.

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Other services offered include branding and marketing, trademark/patent registration services, audit services, business registration, venture capital as well as placement services.

Muhami’s journey was, however, not a smooth sail, but he maintains that the challenges opened his eyes to more opportunities.

Among the top challenges that affected the firm’s operations are the impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic, which drove some of its clients out of the market.

Through the experience and lessons learned in the entrepreneurial journey, the bold businessman regrets not taking the entrepreneurship step earlier.

”Given another chance, I would save and invest more from an earlier age. I would capitalize on the power of compounding and pursue my purpose earlier,’’ he added.

He advised people intending to venture into business to start when they are prepared financially and take baby steps in growing the business.

”Do not get into business blindly and emotionally. If possible, get a job first to gain some experience, confidence, contacts, and seed capital. Preferably, start your business while still in employment so that both can complement each other.’’ He advised

”A business is like a baby and must grow through baby steps. Do not rush the process As you gain more experience and confidence, the business will dictate whether you should do it full time or which direction you should take,’’ added Muhami.

Besides business coaching, Muhami also manages family businesses in real estate and manufacturing. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Commerce and a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship.

About Professional Business Mentors Association (PBMA)

Established in September 2011 and registered in March 2012, PBMA has attracted membership from professional business mentors who have gone through the Inoorero RCED Business Mentorship Programme.
These are qualified business mentors who are currently mentoring more than one SME within the East African Region. The association targets a wide reach of MSME with the general objective of improving the sector nationally through mentorship, dissemination of information, and education.

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