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“Pediatric 2024 Summit: Advancing Pediatric Healthcare in the face of Global Challenges”

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The Pediatric 2024 Summit convened in Nairobi with over 150 health professionals in attendance. Focusing on healthcare, immunization, and pediatric HIV. The conference, in its 6th edition, addressed setbacks in pediatric healthcare due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the resurgence of preventable diseases like measles and diphtheria.

The MSF in collaboration with partners such as GAVI and the World Health Organization, the event covered topics ranging from pediatric HIV to vaccination and nutrition. Speakers emphasized the urgent need to address missed vaccination opportunities and find innovative solutions to overcome barriers hindering immunization efforts.

In addition to academic sessions, the conference provided a platform for networking and collaboration among professionals working in various sectors related to child health. Attendees seized the opportunity to form partnerships, explore funding opportunities, and establish alliances to advance pediatric healthcare agendas at local, regional, and global levels.

Speakers emphasized the urgent need to address missed vaccination opportunities and find innovative solutions to overcome barriers hindering immunization efforts. Against the backdrop of the ongoing pandemic, they stressed the importance of concerted action to ensure children worldwide receive the life-saving vaccines they need, thus preventing further outbreaks and safeguarding their health.

Hashim Juma, representing MSF, kicked off the presentations by discussing the implementation of a Decentralized Model of Care (DMC) in response to a diphtheria outbreak in Kano, Nigeria. His presentation highlighted the effectiveness of decentralized care models in mitigating disease outbreaks in resource-constrained settings through community engagement, capacity building, and resource allocation.

Equity Afia Expands Network to Increase Health Coverage

Mr. Paul Wamae, Head of MSF Spain in Nairobi, emphasized the significance of the conference during a press interaction on the workshop’s sidelines. He underscored the importance of reflecting on MSF’s experiences and challenges, particularly in addressing issues critical to children, a pivotal demographic in humanitarian response efforts. Mr. Wamae emphasized the value of sharing both internal and external perspectives to enhance attendees’ understanding and approach toward effectively addressing children’s issues.

Madam Sarah issued a call to NGOs operating in slum areas, urging them to collaborate in providing services to the needy without duplicating efforts for effective service.

Health authorities and pediatricians warned of the potentially devastating long-term impact of overlooking vaccine-preventable diseases. Beyond immediate health implications, outbreaks of these diseases strain healthcare resources, disrupt communities, and undermine trust in vaccination programs, potentially leading to further declines in immunization coverage.

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