Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Pension Towers building in Nairobi that made headlines in China

The CBK Pension Tower is located along Harambee Avenue in Nairobi and was designed by Kenyan architects under Arprim Consultants. The construction of the ultra-modern building started four years ago.

The Pension Towers is made up of two shiny sky blue glass towers facing opposite directions and is fitted with solar panels to supply its own clean energy during the day.It also has a 360 view area at the top.

“This building is the coolest and most modern building in the CBD and Nairobi today. I am happy to tell you that Kenyans are creative and can design such an iconic building which has even been featured in China as one of the most ultra-modern buildings in Africa,” President Uhuru Kenyatta said when he officially opened the building.

The design of the building was meant to symbolize retired and senior citizens and how they benefit from the country’s pension structures. The building has two towers leaning in the opposite direction.

Pension Towers
A view of Pension Towers at night.

The skyscraper is a 27-storey building with 6 basement levels and encompasses office suites as well as retail stores for private tenants. It is also designed to accommodate a currency museum, conference and support facilities.

The taller tower has 27 usable floors with three viewing decks above the service floor, while the shorter tower is made up of 24 usable floors above the ground.

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