Saturday, September 23, 2023

Peter Ndegwa: I won’t be kicked out of Safaricom

Safaricom chief executive officer Peter Ndegwa has rubbished rumours that have been milling over his position as the head of Safaricom. Speaking to a local daily, Ndegwa asserted that he is in Safaricom to stay and has no worries that his contract will be renewed.

Ndegwa had joined Safaricom in 2020 on a three year contract that is now coming to an end. The contract had the option of being extended. With the coming to power of a new regime following the 2022 General Elections, many people have been speculating on whether the administration of President William Ruto will try to effect changes in the position of chief executive at Safaricom.

However, Ndegwa said that his contract was uniquely drawn and he has no fears over this. “The right position is that, unlike my two predecessors who came in as expatriates, I am a Kenyan and so the issue of contract didn’t have to apply. So, when I was joining, we sat with the Board of Directors and agreed on a number of deliverables against which they would track my performance,” Ndegwa told a local daily.

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“I can assure you that I have in the past two years achieved those key deliverables. As we exit this financial year, I don’t see this being different. So, really, there should be no question about continuity.”

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