Popular cars in Kenya: 57.3 per cent of all motor vehicles in Kenya are Toyota. This is according to new official data on new and used vehicles from the Kenya Revenue Authority.

The data also shows that Japanese auto makers, Toyota, Nissan Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Company and Isuzu Motors, account for 91 per cent of all vehicles sold in Kenya.

The data also shows that 97,105 Toyotas were registered in the 22 months through October when total vehicle registrations stood at 169,206. About 87 per cent of registered vehicles are used models comprising passenger cars where Toyota leads in sales.

The most popular models of the Toyota include:

1).  Probox Рunit sales in the period under review stood at 14,188.

2). Corolla with 10,786 unit sales.

3). Land Cruiser with 8,110 unit sales.

4). Hiace with 5,353 unit sales

5). Vitz with 5,468 unit sales.

Nissan Motor Corporation is second with an 11.7 per cent market share, with 19,864 units of its makes sold in the review period.

The most popular models of the Nissan include:

1). Note with 3,686 unit sales.

2). Tiida with 2,783 unit sales

3). Advantage with 1,939 unit sales.

4). Wingroad with 1,209

5). March with 1,201 unit sales.

Sales of Honda, which has the third-largest market share of five per cent, stood at 8,483

The most popular models of the Honda include:

1). Fit with 4,331 unit sales

2). Insight with 1,314 unit sales

3).CRV with 954 unit sales.

Isuzu is fourth with a 4.8 per cent market share, with sales of its makes standing at 8,223 units in the review period.

Isuzu, whose local subsidiary is Isuzu East Africa, however, leads in the new vehicle segment with a market share of more than 30 per cent.

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