poultry farming
poultry farming

Poultry Farming in Kenya

The first thing that catches your eye when you arrive at Leamose Poultry Farm is a flock of multi-coloured indigenous chicken darting joyously from side to side inside a wire mesh fenced compound.That’s when one wants to try poultry farming.

The farm at Kabiruini village near the Nyeri showground and Dedan Kimathi University of Technology belongs to Leah Muthoni who crossbreeds indigenous chicken with exotic ones to improve productivity.

Leah likes the crossbreed chickens because they are resistant to diseases and mature faster than the local Kienyeji chicken.

We found Leah this week in a green apron cleaning the water traps inside one of the chicken cages while feeding them with maize germ.

She directs one of her farm workers to lead us in.

“Cleanliness is what has ensured my chickens do not contract diseases easily,” she tell us.

Leah is keeping over 200 indigenous mature chickens after she sold more than 500 others over the last holidays.

She supplies the eggs and sells the mature birds to hotels and various supermarkets in Nyeri town. She also sells chicks to other farmers who come from as far away as Laikipia, Meru, and Kirinyaga.

The farmer went into poultry farming in 2013, with six Kienyeji chickens.

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  1. Want to be a poultry farmer,would like to keep improved kienyeji,where can I get them and@ how much per chick,lives in kitengela

  2. Kindly give me contacts for leah muthoni the poultry farmer from nyeri near kabiruini showground. Also, how do i buy a copy of your poultry farming booklet?


  3. Hi I, m Rianto from Laikipia, how much does it cost me to start with 200 Kienyeji chicken?. I have enough space eg 3 acres of free space for the chicken project.

  4. I’m giks from nakuru
    Kindly assist me with how to acquire poultry farm in booklets n connecting to a farmer within for start up knowledge

  5. Am joseph from nyeri i resident around Dedan kimathi university..
    Kindly help me with leah contacts i may want to acquire some kienyenji cbickens from her please

  6. hello farmers am nyakundi keeping improved kienyeji pls contact me for more information contact me at 0728486627

  7. Am mercy from kitale town, transnzoia county.
    I work in breedtech ltd which deals with improved kienyenji chicken, guinea fowls, cockerels, turkey and poultry feeds.
    we sale chicks of different stages: day old chick, fertilized eggs,
    for more information contact manager 0722709667 or 0715171233

  8. Hey am John Gichia I have the structure of keeping poultry, capacity of 4000 bird in Thika am looking the interested farm who want to rent. My phone No ;0763715934,0725015934

  9. Hi. Am Molly.from Homabay Ciunty. I would like to start up poultry farm insurance. Where can I get broilers and at how much?

  10. Am elizabeth from mweiga need leahs contacts so that i can get chicks from her ,want to start poultry farming

  11. I am Joseph from Matasia Ngong. I would want to start poultry farming. I would want to go for training in a poultry farm for improved kienyenji before I start. Anybody willing to assist can get in touch with me through Cell no 0722316723 or kardlink@gmail

  12. Hi am James from Embu and have got a lot of passion in agriculture and poultry in particular someone please advise me on kienyeji chicken farming on where to start please

  13. Hi am James and I have a lot of passion in agriculture and poultry in particular someone please advise me on kienyeji keeping .Embu

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