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Tips to harness the power of your team for customer acquisition

By Mashary Keya - Strategy Advisor at WYLDE International

At a given point, most entrepreneurs have experienced a reality that 70% of their peers are feeling a bit down about their teams not performing well in getting new customers. It’s a concern, isn’t it?

Winning those customers is important for any business to succeed. But, here’s the kicker – sometimes entrepreneurs forget or even neglect to give their teams the right tools to excel in this crucial task.

Continuously, all that tacit knowledge about getting customers sticks with the founders or a development crew that many SMEs and MSMEs can’t really afford.

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But here’s the missing sauce. Your whole gang has much potential waiting to be unleashed in bringing in fresh revenue through customer acquisition.

What’s the deal? Here’s the scoop – institute a simple but mega-effective customer acquisition process that spreads this wisdom throughout your team. When everyone knows how to bring in customers, your growth soars.

Firstly, tackle three key questions: Where will you find your target market? How will you reach them?  What messages will resonate?


When figuring out where to locate your target market, be specific and think of key decision-makers.

If you’re selling marketing services, maybe your folks hang out at big conferences, CMO networking events, or popular lunch spots. Selling green cleaning supplies? Think offices, parent groups, or maybe eco-friendly institutions.

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Once you’ve mapped that out, acquiring those prospects might mean showing up at networking events, giving talks, or going straight for targeted proposals and referrals. These are the moves your team needs to pull off.

Real talk – coming up with a killer story that speaks to your prospects’ problems, shows off how you will solve them, and paints a picture of how awesome their lives will be after using your product or service – now that is crucial. Your team needs to nail this messaging strategy.

By spreading this whole customer acquisition tool across your organization, you’re giving everyone the power to go after new business with confidence and gusto. Building a steady pipeline flow of clients becomes a team effort instead of weighing down on a few shoulders.

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, you can’t rely on one superstar to bring in all the new clients anymore. They become a single point of failure.  It’s time for customer acquisition to be a team effort – give everyone on your squad the winning plan!

Mr. Mashary Keya is a Strategy Advisor at WYLDE International. You may connect with Mashary via email: [email protected]

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