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Prince Mutai: Man Who Left Home With Sh2,600 Flaunts Multimillion House He Built His Mother

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As far as he can remember, Prince Kipkoech Mutai’s decision to build his mother a house sparked way back in 2014 on his graduation day.

The urge to construct the house was inspired by the sacrifices her single mother put in to educate him and his sibling.

It hit me that life hadn’t been easy on my graduation day when Mum and Grandma shed tears of joy. Being a single mum of two, she sacrificed everything, including several fundraisers, to see us through school.”

This moment was a turnaround; I promised myself to go out there and put in work, make money and build a house within 3 years,” recalled Mutai.

After applying for many jobs in vain, Mutai left home for Nairobi with nothing, just papers, skills, and Sh 2,600 in his pocket, ready to work hard to improve the living condition back home.

The Inspiring Journey of Prince Mutai From Nothing to a Real Estate Mogul

He engaged in various activities in Nairobi, including working as a salesperson, and in 2017 founded Prince Capital, a real estate company that specializes in investment consultancy, property management, design & build, and leasing of luxury homes.

The company did not only actualize his dream of being a real estate player but also earned him money to accomplish his pending goal.

It was in 2019 when Mutai started buying materials before doing groundbreaking in 2020 for the house, which took two years to finish.

The three-bedroom all-ensuite bungalow stands a few meters from his parents’ humble house in his rural home in Kericho. The house itself spells class. It is fancy, and the compound has received some magnificent finishing.

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8 yrs ago, I left Kericho for Nairobi with only Sh 2600 in my pocket. The main goal was to work hard and build a proper home for my mum and Grandma.”

Trust the process they said; over the years, I networked and made strangers my friends. Shamba La mawe has a lot to offer, I will write a book one day,” he stated.

The bungalow was handed over in a glamorous ceremony in late 2022, graced by a cabinet secretary from his home area.

Mutai’s inspiring journey is a reminder that your background should not dissuade you from following your dreams. Use the challenges as fuel to power you forward on your own journey.

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