Bizna Digital – About Us

Bizna Digital Services


To be the go-to portal for marketing and promotion of businesses, entrepreneurship and careers.


To avail effective marketing and promotion solutions for businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Bizna Core Values

  • Entrepreneurship: Businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals are integral in the provision of quality goods and services.
  • Quality: Marketing and promotion of goods and services improves their quality.
  • Technology: Use of technology improves access to quality goods and services.
  • Life: Provision of better goods and services improves the quality of life.

Core Purpose

To improve the quality of life by marketing and promoting access to better goods and services.


Better Business, Better Life.

Bizna Services

Bizna Digital Services is a Enterprise Development portal that supports access to better goods and services by marketing and promoting businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. Bizna makes a daily offering of business and general interest news, stories and profiles. The business profiles are informative and inspirational, inviting clients to the goods and services on offer.

Bizna Digital (online) directory is a listing of all types of businesses ranging from sole proprietorship to corporate. Potential clients visit the site and get a list of providers for the products or services they seek. The Listing provides a detailed profile of the company, their location, contacts as well as social media contacts. Previous clients have an opportunity to give a review of the goods and services offered.

The Bizna career directory provides professionals and technicians with an opportunity to profile themselves and outline their specialty to potential clients and partners. The listing provides employers with an opportunity to review the profiles of potential employees and offer them employment on the strength of their previous performance.