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Mwezi uko kwa kona? How you can get some quick cash easily

Quick Cash Loans Kenya: Is there any other month that seems to take forever to end than January? Most people are already feeling as if they are in the 60th day of the month. Pockets are empty and bills are piling upon each other. To make matters worse, the friend most people could rush to for help is also caught up in the same mix.

In the midst of all this comes a friend who is willing to help you ease your Njaanuary financial troubles. This friend will not only give you a small loan to get you by, but will also allow you to take an advance even as you await for your salary to come through.

Hundreds of poor Form One students get Co-op Bank scholarships

This friend is the MCo-op Cash, a mobile banking application that has been hailed for having the lowest loan charges in the market. There are three types of loans that you can get from this app.

Quick Cash Loans Kenya: To download this app, CLICK HERE

These are as follows:

Secured Personal Loans

“These loans go to a limit of up to Sh. 200,000 for any customer with savings in MCo-op Cash based on their amount of savings,” says the bank in a statement.

Interestingly, this means that all you need to do is download the mobile app, deposit money and apply for the loan through your smart mobile phone. The loan you apply for will be processed and tendered to you immediately.

Salary Advance

The mobile app also provides for salary advances to customers who hold a proven record of paying their advances efficiently. The bank offers salary advances to a higher limit of up to Sh. 100,000.

Business Loan

For those in business, the mobile app might just prove to be your saving grace. Currently, the app allows for loans of up to Sh. 50,000 for customers with an existing Co-op Bank loan.

Other interesting services available on the mobile platform include:

  • Send money to other mobile money services such as Safaricom’s M-Pesa, Orange Money, and Airtel Money.
  • Withdraw money at any Co-operative Bank Agent or Co-operative Bank ATM.
  • Pay for goods and services,and other bills using Lipa Na M-pesa, or settle for fees such as school fees or rent.
  • Apply and pay for a Co-operative Bank loan.
  • Check Co-op account balance and get a bank statement.
  • Activate SMS alerts for bank debits and credits.
  • Purchase Airtime for any mobile number in Kenya.

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