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Meet three Friends Who Built Alex, World’s Most Realistic Robot That Speaks, Has 3m Followers on TikTok

Technology is advancing rapidly, and the pace of change will significantly take a toll on our day-to-day activities, especially in the job market.

From autonomous driving, machines that read X-rays, and algorithms that respond to customer service to robotic services, all these depict the ease of doing things in the near future.

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Most hotels and companies in the US are utilizing robotics to save on labor costs, and manufacturers are tightening up to boost robotic supply in various countries.

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One of the robots that has stirred a debate on social media is said to have been built 10 years ago and goes by the name Alex.

Alex was built by three Russian friends, Oleg Kivokurtsev, Maxim Utev, and Igor Yeremeev, who later founded Promobot, a Russian robotics manufacturing company.

The three purchased materials online and built the humanoid robot that could speak and even recognize faces. They designed Alex’s face to look like their friend, Aleksei, and he can make up to 600 human facial expressions.

According to reports,  the owners acknowledged building the humanoid robot was not an easy-to-do job adding that it cost them $8 million(Sh 1.09 billion).

“Building Alex is a complicated process; Alex contains more than 600 servomotors in the face, body, and arms,” Oleg told

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Reports have it that Alex can utter some words and has a girlfriend named Alexandra, a humanoid barista with 3.3 Million followers on Tik Tok.

Today, the robotics manufacturer from Northern and Eastern Europe has built more than 30 robots, and they are working in 50 different countries.

“They are working in shopping malls, in museums, and universities,” Oleg said.

Probot is aspiring to build more realistic robots that can walk.

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