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Dramatic rush to complete a second Rolls Royce entry for the Africa Concours d’Elegance

For as many hours as he can find each day Roger Tanner is working against the clock to complete a second entry for the Africa Concours d’Elegance.

His 1949 Bentley is already listed and he hopes to add his 1952 Rolls Royce which will be contesting in the classiest event on the motorsport calendar.

This will be held by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club on September 25th at the Nairobi Racecourse to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Club.

The entries already feature Veronica Wroe’s 1934 Rolls Royce Boatail and Lucy Mungai the Event Secretary commented,

“A second Rolls Royce would add to the status and style of the Concours.”

If he succeeds in completing the preparation of his Rolls Royce by September 14th, the closing date for entries in the 70 car and 40 motorcycle classes, Tanner will join a number of competitors who have more than one entry for judging.

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These include Harry Thuku who has his hopes with a 1985 Range Rover and a 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser in the Utility class.

Among the other entrants with two entries are Stephen Warui in a 1968 Volkswagen Kombi and a VW Beetle made in 1967. Paul Chemngorem’s 1960 VW Karman Ghia will be a star entry in the up to 1300 cc Touring Car class.

Concours participants share their magnificent cars and motorcycles with the motoring enthusiasts and their families who flock to the Nairobi Racecourse for the Concours and to compete for the overall awards and the prizes for the top three cars and bikes and the best in the 12 car and 8 motorcycle categories.

They also benefit from an assessment of the standard of their machines from a team of experienced and qualified judges.

The motorcycle judging ring will be packed with 40 machines of which 20 will be ridden from Kampala to Nairobi by the Uganda Bikers Association (UBA). They will be touring Kenya both before and after the Concours before the long ride back to Uganda.

Former Chief Motorcycle Judge Dominique Antoine will be riding his ancient 1925 Triumph 550 SD around for judging.

This old machine clearly illustrates the transition from pedal cycles to machines with engines. The ancient motorcycle has a flat fuel tank suspended under a cross bar.

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