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Roofs that don’t go out of fashion to consider for your rural house

When it comes to building a dream house, everyone wants one that is elegant and appealing to everyone.

While a house’s aesthetic appeal is mostly defined by its design and finishing, roofing can also make a house appear beautiful or ugly. That’s why many homeowners invest heavily in roofing materials to give their houses a long-lasting taste of beauty.

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Clifford Muthomi, an engineer and manager at Duralong Manufacturers Limited, a roofing sheet manufacturer, says that several decades ago, asbestos sheets were the most preferred roofing option.

However, due to safety concerns, they have been faced out in the construction sector and have been replaced by clay tiles and other roofing sheets.


“Asbestos is not good for health. That is why today the most common roofing materials are made of clay and iron. Recently, many Kenyans have embraced the flat roof design, which means concrete roofs are also becoming popular,” Muthomi told TUKO.

He went ahead to reveal some of the long-lasting roofing materials that don’t go out of fashion. They include:

Clay Roofing

Muthomi says clay roofing is mostly preferred due to its low-cost, durability and aesthetic appeal compared to other roofing materials.

“Clay roofing is not preferred because it is cheap. These types of roofs have a very elegant look characterised by that brick-red colour and wavy shapes on the roof. These roofs don’t go out of fashion.

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You can call it a timeless classic of roofs. If well installed, these roofs are very durable because, unlike the iron-based roofing sheets, they do not rust,” Muthomi explained.

However he notes that clay roofing comes with multiple disadvantages among them the regular maintenance required, breakages, and growth of various organisms and plants.

Galvanised iron sheets

The engineer notes that these are the most affordable roofing materials in the market. They are made from metallic sheets which are coated or galvanised with zinc and aluminium.

Galvanised iron sheets are popularly used for temporary structures and fencing because the coating often wears out or is scratched, exposing the sheets to rust and the elements.

”So for long-term roofing materials, stay away from these ones,” Muthomi remarked.

Precoated iron sheets

These materials are quickly gaining popularity among homeowners constructing modern houses. According to Muthomi, these sheets undergo a series of paint layers to prevent rusting, offering strength and a variety of colours and shapes.

”They are available in smooth, glossy, or rough matte finishes; they are predominantly used for roofing bungalows and other house styles that have roofs as crowns of the design.

They are easy to design into any roof shape and style while maintaining their attractiveness.”  He said.

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