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Mudge Rulf: Employer says most youths in Kenya don’t know how to keep jobs

German epidemiologist and the founder of Diaspora Network Hub Mudge Rulf has raised concerns about Kenyan youths’ inability to keep jobs even with the high joblessness in the country.

The entrepreneur recounted how a former employee quit his job at her firm without notice despite the lots of investments and resources she had put into training the employee.

Rulf revealed that even after the unidentified employee exited, another opportunity presented itself and she considered hiring him again because she had spent money on his training, but he declined the job offer and said he was waiting to travel to Dubai.

”This guy even exited without informing me, this is after I had given him many chances. Even after exiting, there was another vacancy, I considered re-employing him because I had also invested a lot of training in him and the job required someone who could start immediately,’’ Rulf recalled.

”I reached out to the guy, and he declined the offer and noted that he is waiting to fly to Dubai. I was happy for him and didn’t want to stand on his way to Dubai so I asked if he could take up the job until he flies out, but he declined. He even left my last message unanswered,’’ she added.

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Rulf revealed that a few months later the said employee contacted her begging for a job after facing disappointments where he was headed.

”Months later, the guy is in my inbox asking for a job.  Some of you should learn how to keep jobs!’’ she wrote in a post on her X account.

Reacting to the post, X users advised Kenyan youths to always follow the right procedure when exiting their jobs to avoid future regrets.

@KarokiNjogu said:

Don’t burn bridges. You will be surprised how many times you have to cross the same river.

@josephat_vundi said:

Some employees lack work ethics but have skills. but since both go hand in hand an employee must have both

@FmuliKE said:

All the jobs I’ve had in this city were referrals from my former employers. The saddest thing about the current generation is that they burn bridges after crossing.

Another user @rozzykanyua however addressed the issue of employers paying their employees lower salaries that don’t match their contributions to the company but enticing them with higher salaries at the time of exit to bar them from quitting.

”We also need to talk about employers whom you give your all and always deliver on time, ensuring a smooth flow of work but choosing to compensate those doing nothing better. In short, they wait for the day you land a better job so they raise your salary to prevent you from leaving.’’ @rozzykanyua wrote.

In such cases, Rulf advised that the employee should just move on to a better job because the employer didn’t deserve them.

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