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President Ruto: How I make Sh. 1.5 million daily from my 200,000 chickens

President William Ruto revealed that he rakes in Sh a few months ago. 1.5 million from his chicken farming business.

Then working as the deputy president, Dr Ruto made the revelation while responding to a list of properties belonging to him, former Interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i leaked that.

“They should have said that there are 200,000 chickens, and I sell 150,000 eggs a day, earning me Sh. 1.5 million,” said Dr Ruto. He added that much of what Matiang’i had revealed belonged to him but there were properties that he did not own and that the minister had alleged he owned.

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In a parliamentary committee session, Matiang’i had alleged that Dr Ruto as DP, was the second most protected individual in Kenya. Matiang’i had said that cumulatively, Dr  Ruto was guarded by 257 officers.

“Lifestyle audit had been done on me by newspapers saying that Ruto has this kind of wealth but now, those at the Office of President have decided to improve what had been done before by local dailies,” Dr Ruto said.

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“They have tried conducting lifestyle audits, which is not bad, but they should have continued with it on other leaders for things to be okay.”

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