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Rwanda showing rest of Africa the way in public transport management

Kenya has a big problem when it comes to public transport. Every day, more and more Kenyans lose their lives as a result of road accidents that could have been avoided.

Every day, millions of money is used by drivers to bribe corrupt officers who line up the highways to collect. Every day, tens of thousands if drivers get away with breaking traffic rules.

In all this, there really doesn’t seem to be any efforts to cure the disease that public transport had turned into. This has led many to assume that it is normal for public transport or the transport sector to be run down.

Yet, the experience of one Kenyan, Mohammed Hersi, in Rwanda shows that it is possible for systems to work and it is very possible for public transport to be straightened up.

Here is what Mr. Hersi, who is a hotelier and tourism and governance enthusiast shared from his experience:

“Driving test in Rwanda is electronically monitored like in VAR. Rwanda GDP is hardly $15 billion which means size is relative. You can modernize and make tangible progress with what you have. Wasting public resources is not tolerated in Rwanda let alone stealing.

In my recent visit to Rwanda a cop flagged our driver and brought to his attention that he had ticket penalty to address.  It was all available on a tablet and same info was shared with our driver.

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The traffic offence was committed  in Kigali and we were stopped in Nyungwe. It’s like Nairobi and Timbaroa. We were never asked, tuende  mbele  utajieleza  station.

The tour driver was actually Kenyan who has lived in Rwanda for the past 9 years. We were never profiled as a bunch of Kenyans.

A week later in Malindi , one of our tour drivers forgot to carry his driving license, left it in another jacket. The entire Rosa with 20 international tourists were directed to go to Malindi police stations.

They were released after wasting 50 minutes at a police station. The cops did not want even to allow the visitors to be dropped and driver to go back to the station.

Well do you now see why it will be very hard for Kenya to take the leap? We simply have pockets of mediocrity in many places driven by nothing but corruption.

It is said once you wash your hand you can join the kings at the high table.  Pole Kenya we are yet to wash our hands.

God bless Rwanda to help them show Africa the way. As always I choose to remain an optimist.”

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