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Salary and allowances of nurses in Kenya

The Nursing course is one of the most explored in Kenya and anyone wishing to become a nurse must meet some requirements.

The key responsibilities of nurses include recording details and symptoms of patients’ medical histories and current health and preparing them for treatment.

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Nurses in Kenya earn a good salary depending on their job group, academic qualifications and their places of work.

Payment in  Kenya’s public service is divided into 18 cadres, from Job group A to T with A being the lowest cadre.  Entry nurses are classified in job group G and earn between Ksh23,369 and Ksh29,826.


Nurses in job group K earn a basic salary of Ksh40,000 and nurses in job group R earn between Ksh109,089 and Ksh144,928.

Different types of nursing courses in Kenya and entry requirements

Meanwhile, nurses who work in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) earn a basic salary of Ksh129,000, with those with a diploma earning upwards of Ksh70,000.

These professionals also enjoy allowance benefits depending on their academic qualifications, job group, work location, and hospital level.

They include:

  • House allowances of Ksh. 3,500-Ksh. 15,000,
  • Extraneous expenses Ksh. 15,000-Ksh. 35,000 depending on the job group,
  • Health risk allowance Ksh. 3,850-Ksh. 5,000,
  • Uniform allowance Ksh. 10,000 annually,
  • Commuter allowance Ksh. 4,000-Ksh. 14,000.

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