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Exposed: Why Sarah Wairimu Cohen’s murder case was dropped

The Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has come out to explain why he moved to withdraw murder charges against Sarah Wairimu who was accused of killing her husband Tob Cohen.

In a letter that was dated December 1, 2022, the DPP said that detectives working on the case had failed to cover 35 issues that had highlighted by the office of the DPP. For instance, the DPP said that during the compilation of the case evidence, police officers who had visited the alleged scene of crime had not identified themselves.

“The statements recorded by the police indicate that several police officers in civilian clothes visited the compound of the late Tob Cohen, and the identity of the said officers remains undisclosed, together with the purpose of their visit,” the DPP said in a statement.

The DPP further said that the alleged forgery of the transfer of shares belonging to Cohen has not been exhausted, thus raising questions about who may have perpetrated the same.

The DPP further said that reports tabled by detectives on forged wills were conflicting. “Telephone data of all the police officers and any other persons of interest who may have come into contact with the alleged suspect at the time remains incomplete, yet such evidence may shed light into the planning and execution of the murder,” said the DPP.

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At the same time, the DPP said there was recommendation for Gigiri Sub-County police commander to be interrogated. However, this recommendation was disregarded by detectives working under the officer of former boss of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti.

Cohen’s family has opposed the dropping of the charges, arguing that the move is based on bad faith and ill intention.

“The victims have not been heard and the DPP denied them the opportunity to put their response to the intention to withdraw the charges. The DPP did not involve or inform the victim’s family of his decision,” the family said.

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