Thursday, September 28, 2023

Anger, shock over Kenyan girl enslaved in Saudi Arabia

Kenyans have been left in shock and anger after photos of Diana Chepkemoi went viral on social media. Diana is a university girl at Meru University who went to work in Saudi Arabia to raise fees for her studies.

Diana was taken to Saudi by Makungu International Agency. The agency claims that it has been trying to bring her back but has faced resistance from her employer.

“Our team from the other side got in touch with the police who went to the house but they could not even get access to the employer. Even the police in the country are afraid of the family,” it claims.

It adds: “We are being told that the family is well connected and influential people. When I last spoke to Diana she told me that they were four househelps and this shows that the family is bigger and wealthy and has connections thus complicating this case.”

She has now been enslaved by a prominent family in the Arab country. The photos that have gone viral show an emaciated girl, devoid of joy and life.

Diana is the latest Kenyan who is facing trauma and abuse in Saudi Arabia, a country that has become notorious in the mistreatment and abuse of desperate Kenyan girls who are taken there to search for jobs.

Viscount K’Owuor: 10yrs of Uhuru messed up Kenya, profited Kenyatta family businesses

Over the recent few weeks, the number of Kenyan girls who are returning from Saudi Arabia in coffins or at moribund has been on the rise. And now, Kenyans have expressed their anger at the government for failing to look after their own.

Speaking on Diana’s plight, sociologist Viscount K’Owuor said;

“We need a presidential executive order regarding all cases of Kenyan ‘slaves’ in the Middle. We need to know the total number and identities of All Kenyans working in those countries, plus their situations .

Any cases of human violations must be exposed and those responsible brought to book, especially the Agencies. This should be the first business on the next president. Uhuru is evidently incompetent in this area, and it is quite unfortunate and sad. Akwende kabisa.”

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