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Woman who married into poverty excited as hubby builds her Sh. 1.4 million home

Scholastica Wilson, a woman hailing from Kirinyaga County, radiates happiness. Her life trajectory seemingly fits the “Bottom-Up” model.

They say love always wins; her story only attests to these words.

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From the precipice of humble beginnings, Scholastica and her husband, who united in holy matrimony nearly a decade ago, have seen their love blossom to success. Their first home after the wedding was an empty, dilapidated shack.

In an interview, the mother of 3 presently recalled how her family and friends were against her marrying her current husband.


When they went for the ‘ruracio’ to organize and plan the wedding, some of the guests snided at the man’s home. They even suggested she call off the wedding and get another boyfriend to court her.

“One of the women who had accompanied my mother to my fiance’s house suggested that I should not accept to marry my now-husband because his house was dilapidated, and we had a huge shamba, yet I knew nothing about farming,” Scholastica recalled.

Scholastica fondly expressed her profound love for her husband, acknowledging that their unwavering bond fuelled her belief in him and instilled an unwavering optimism for a bright future.

“After our honeymoon, we started living in the shack made of timber. I tried to make it presentable from the inside. After our marriage, we started working hard and praying.”

“Whenever my husband got money, he would give it to me to save in my account,” she added.

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Years of dedicated savings passed and finally, the couple embarked on the journey of building their dream house. They poured their hearts into the project, which needed lots of effort and resources.

Their envisioned home is now complete, which fills the couple’s hearts with satisfaction.

“The house cost us around Sh. 1.4 million, and we are so happy. I want to tell ladies not to be afraid of getting married to men who may have little or nothing. You never know what lies in their future,” she confessed.

Scholastica states that trust and unwavering belief in each other are the pillars of strengthening their bond and propelling their growth as a couple. Love always wins.

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