Friday, December 1, 2023

Silas Mwenda: This is how I used my Sh. 10 million mega sportpesa jackpot

For Silas Mwenda, a life that was once overshadowed by poverty has drastically changed courtesy of Sportpesa mega jackpots.

Lady luck smiled upon him, not once, but twice giving him life-changing wins that altered his destiny.

His first win was when he was at his lowest moment in life. The first stroke of luck came in 2019 when Mwenda became the Sh. 6 million Sportpesa Mega Jackpot Bonus winner.

Four years down the line, Mwenda, who hails from Meru, won another Sh. 4 million package.

In an interview with Sportpesa Care, he candidly disclosed that before the godsent pennies, he always struggled to make ends meet.

He often fell behind on rent payments. Until the win came providing him with newfound financial stability.

With the money from his first win, Silas Mwenda states that the first thing that clocked into his mind was to purchase land and build his family home.

Furthermore, the Meru man bought himself a Toyota Probox for his personal use. With financial weights alleviated from his chest, Mwenda began making money from hustles thereabout.

With his second win which came in May 2023, he used the money to buy a truck and enhance his business. He also purchased a second family car for his woman.

“I named the truck Blessing because it came from God. These days I use it to carry vegetables from farms to the market, something I initially did using hired trucks,” the millionaire stated.

His wife, Charity Mwenda reiterated Silas’ past, adding that they did not have much in terms of material possessions. She recognized that the most valuable gift they had was the blessing of life itself.

“The only thing we had to our names was life itself, otherwise everything else you see here, including chicken and spoons, is from that money,” she said.

Charity expressed that in the past, they often felt voiceless during gatherings. Their fortunes turned and they have had a significant change in standing. Many perceive them as the ‘newest millionaires in town’.

“These days, the moment we step into events the MC announces that ‘Charity wa Mwenda’, the newest millionaire in town has arrived,” she added.

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