Sunday, December 4, 2022

K’Owuor: Small businesses choking life out of Kenya

Kenya is chocking with micro small businesses and we need a new economic model to deal with the problem.

It is extremely difficult to order our cities and urban areas because we believe it is progressive for everyone to start an enterprise and create own jobs.

Yet we know that not everyone is suited for business, neither do everyone has the capacity to run a profitable, viable and sustainable business.

The consequence is having small businesses littered all over ; walkways, corridors , pavements , dungeons , etc.

We are not aware of thousands of Kenyans reeling from depression because we expect everyone to succeed through personal economic initiatives.

We don’t even audit the amount of wastage that happens to goods exposed to the elements.

My economic model involves creating large corporations that can provide thousands of permanent jobs in a sustainable way.

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Every economic sector in this country can be organized by way of large businesses.

Let’s take for example the matatu industry.

We know that as long as people exist , they will keep on traveling . So instead of letting the matatu industry free for all why can’t we establish a number of companies with standards for public service vehicles, with standards for quality of service and customer care , with code of conduct and professional requirements for all drivers and conductors ?

If we achieved that , there’d be no difficulty in employing drivers and conductors on a permanent basis. And we’d be able to restore order in public transport. Anyone who intends to invest in a matatu would be required to buy shares from selected well run bus companies.

The same model can be applied in agriculture, retail stores, real estate , manufacturing , banking, communication , etc.

This idea that everyone Kenyan must create employment is a product of visionless leaders. They are escaping from the responsibility of organizing the economy to provide jobs for everyone that is willing to work.

Instead of injecting 50k into hustler businesses, why don’t we use the 50 billion to create big corporations that can employ thousands of people ?














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